We’re blessed to have two ministers at Rose Hill: Rev. Dr. Stephen Maunder, who’s responsible for Kennington, Lime Walk and Rose Hill; and our retired (or “supernumerary”) minister, Rev. Jean King.

Headshot of our supernumerary (retired) minister, Jean
Rev. Jean King

Jean has a long history with Rose Hill, and has many fascinating stories to tell about our recent history. She’s also very active in ministry in and around Rose Hill – hosting quiet days, preaching across the circuit, helping lead All Sorts, and does a lot of pastoral work. She’s also been known to abseil to raise money for charity!

Headshot of our minister, Stephen
Rev. Dr. Stephen Maunder

Before coming to us, Stephen had a long history of ministry in London, most recently, as Circuit Superintendent of Blackheath and Crystal Palace Circuit. His thesis (published in 2014) was on leadership and oversight in British Methodism.