We’re blessed to have two ministers at Rose Hill: Rev. Dr. Stephen Maunder, who’s responsible for Kennington, Lime Walk and Rose Hill; and our retired (or “supernumerary”) minister, Rev. Jean King.

Headshot of our supernumerary (retired) minister, Jean
Rev. Jean King

Jean has a long history with Rose Hill, and has many fascinating stories to tell about our recent history. She’s also very active in ministry in and around Rose Hill – hosting quiet days, preaching across the circuit, helping lead All Sorts, and does a lot of pastoral work. She’s also been known to abseil to raise money for charity!

Headshot of our minister, Stephen
Rev. Dr. Stephen Maunder

Before coming to us, Stephen had a long history of ministry in London, most recently, as Circuit Superintendent of Blackheath and Crystal Palace Circuit. His thesis (published in 2014) was on leadership and oversight in British Methodism.

Stephen’s great-great-grandfather, Rev. George Maunder, was also a minister in the Oxford Circuit in the 19th Century. Stephen helped write this piece on George.