Every year, we ask those currently coming to us for food to complete a questionnaire about how they find us and what we can do to improve. We then action their suggestions where possible. This is our most recent survey results (March 2021).

Community Cupboard Questionnaire Results 2021

All 47 Friends who received food from us on Wednesday 10th March 2021 were asked to complete a questionnaire.

  1. How safe do you feel at Community Cupboard had 37 answers (everyone answered this question). How safe do you feel at Community Cupboard?
  2. How much of the food you need do you get from Community Cupboard had 37 answers. Of the home delivery answers, there was a greater number at ‘half’ than for the overall answers.What could Community Cupboard do better had 37 responses.

31 said “nothing”, and followed this with thanks and encouragement, e.g. “you’re an absolute godsend”, “you’re amazing”, “you’re very friendly and helpful”. For more detailed answers, see the end of this summary.

Of those who had suggestions, these were:

  1. More meat options (one Friend)
  2. Better meat options (one Friend)
  3. Bigger home deliveries (one Friend)
  4. Individualised home delivery, using a list that home delivery Friends give each week (one Friend who has a very specific list of food tolerances)
  5. Be open longer (one Friend)
  6. Have more volunteers (one Friend)
  7. Invite all new Friends at 1.15pm, with other Friends from 1.30pm (one Friend)


Community Cupboard team responses to this question

  • Thank you for your feedback. In response, we:
  • Have asked our food suppliers for more meat options and are getting more homemade meals
  • Have slightly increased the amount of food we deliver
  • Are working with Oxford Mutual Aid to make sure that individual Friends with a very particular diet have enough food they need each week
  • Can’t be open longer unfortunately (our latest food delivery comes in at 12.30pm, and any surplus food we have is given to Oxford Mutual Aid at 3.30pm each week)
  • Are increasing our number of volunteers (you may notice some new and returning faces!)
  • We invite new Friends where possible to come at 1.15pm, but we also have to prioritise families who have to be back for school pick ups (or the schools rap our knuckles!)

————————————————————————————————————————–4. Is there anything we might be able to help with had 35 responses, and 2 blanks.

31 said “no”, a few also wrote “thank you” and listed other things that we had done for them previously.

Of those who had suggestions, these were:

  • I will let you know when I have more time (this was the Friend who suggested we have more volunteers)
  • Legal advice (one Friend)
  • Clothes (one Friend)
  • Better time system that gives everyone the chance to go first (one Friend)


Community Cupboard team responses to this question

  • Thank you for your feedback. In response, we:
  • Have managed to get some clothes on a few occasions since the questionnaire, but due to space issues, we can’t do this every week unfortunately
  • Are looking for someone with legal knowledge to visit occasionally. If you have any particular concerns or questions, please ask Libby who may be able to put you in touch with some help
  • Hope to move to a time system that allows different people to go first when we don’t have to check and trace, or pre-book any more (currently, the government says this may happen in July at the earliest)

————————————————————————————————————————–5. How did you hear about us initially had 33 responses, and 4 blanks. (I suspect the blanks would have said the Porch, based on the other answers they gave).

5b. Have you told anyone about us had 34 responses, and 3 blanks. 1 person said “those at the Porch and places where I live on Cowley Road and in Rose Hill”. 3 people said “close relative” (mother who’s now coming, sister who lives outside of Oxford, and brother). We found this a really important question as many who use food banks don’t want to tell anyone else that: a) they use a food bank, b) they’re in need of help, c) where they go to get help.

6. What did you think of our special events had 34 responses, and 3 blanks. 9 Friends said they were absent at Valentine’s or Christmas, and 2 said they’re looking forward to the next special event. Of those who were present, the responses were as follows, where the size of the word indicates how many people gave that same response. (4 Friends said “very good”, “not seen” or “nice”, 3 Friends said “lovely”, “good” or “okay”, 2 Friends said “amazing”, “great” or “quite nice”, the other responses were said by 1 Friend each).

7. Many Friends thanked Community Cupboard for their help when asked if there was anything else they wanted to say. 10 Friends left the response blank. Of those who responded, their comments are as follows.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

It has been very helpful at this tough time.

It’s a very good service for where I live.

It’s a very good system and helpful.

It’s better than the one we used to go to.

It’s good people, good atmosphere, you can have a laugh, friendly.

It’s great, it’s lovely, thank you very much.

It’s perfect, you’re angels, a real godsend, thank you very much.

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

Special thank you to all involved, would not have survived without you all (and the food).

Thank you for everything you do.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you.

Thanks for the help.


Very good job!

You are doing an amazing job!

You’re all doing a great job with helping people. Well done to you all. 😊

You’re all very helpful and kind and nice people.

You’re doing a fantastic job.

You’re doing a good job.

You’re very helpful!

Your help is amazing. It takes the pressure off me as a mum to provide for my kids and prepare nourishing healthy meals.

37 Friends answered the questionnaire (of a total 47 who received food that week) – 8 home deliveries, 29 collections at the church. 27 Friends completed the questionnaire themselves, 2 asked friends to help, and 8 gave Libby their answers verbally on the phone. 7 didn’t answer the questionnaire. Statistically, over 80% is considered an excellent response rate, this questionnaire had 79%.