[Last updated: 18th September 2020].

Community Cupboard is now open on Wednesdays at Rose Hill Methodist Church. All Friends need to come and collect food from us at a timed slot (bookings are available through Libby). Friends must have a referral from you, and these must be updated every four visits. This can be done by emailing, texting or calling Libby, or completing the form below.

Friends must have a mask, bag(s) to pack food into, and be in a position to only send one member of their household into the church. I will be checking Friends off a list, compiled from the e-referrals. Friends must be booked in before the end of Tuesday to receive food that week.

Any questions, please contact Libby on 07874 339996 or libby dot hawkness-smith at oxfordmethodists dot org dot uk.