These are the books that our chaplain has been reading in the last year. If you have any recommendations, or want to find out any more about any of them, please get in touch!

On Digital Church

Tips for making worship engaging digitally:

On the Emerging Church

A churchless faith‘ by A. Jamieson (click link for a review by another author who is a contemporary of Jamieson)
A new monastic handbook‘ by I. Mobsby and M. Berry (see link for review by the national Franciscan network)
Home by another route‘ by P. Bradbury (see link to copy of first chapter online)
How to pioneer‘ by D. Male (see link to book review and engthy extract on Google Books)
Liquid church‘ by P. Ward (see link for extract on Google Books)
The invisible church‘ by S. Aisthorpe (see link for an online review of the book by Aisthorpe in the Church Missio Society’s magazine, Anvil)

On Mental Health

‘Healing wounded history’ by R. Parker
The body keeps the score: Mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma‘ by B. Van der Kolk (see link to a review in the New Scientist)
The Sanctuary Course‘ by Sanctuary Mental Health (see link to access the free online course detailing a healthy approach to mental health conditions and how Christians and churches might support)
‘Waking the tiger: Healing trauma’ by P. A. Levine

Lent Books

‘One Native Life’ by Richard Wagamese
‘The Divine Heart of Darkness’ by Catherine Bird