We had a great Graveyard Scavenger Hunt round St. Mary the Virgin’s graveyard in Iffley. 100 cups of hot chocolate were had, many marshmallows were eaten, and a lot of graves were seen and admired. See our Scavenger Hunt post for more info.

We will be taking part in Oxford’s Light Fest on 20-22 November. This is a great opportunity for us to all ‘let our lights shine’ at this darker time of year. If you want more info or are interested in taking part, see www.oxlightfest.com.

We are also putting together a virtual Advent Calendar (which will be linked to from here when it’s ready), which we’re inviting different community groups in Rose Hill, Iffley and Littlemore to join in. Each day, we hope to have a puzzle, picture, video, or something creative that has been made by a different group and is themed to Christmas. If you’d like to join in, email libby.hawkness-smith[at]oxfordmethodists.org.uk.

We’re also helping out with the travelling mule Christmas event, and the Rose Hill virtual festival. More info on both of these coming soon!