Last updated 12th January 2021

We are back in lockdown. As such, worship services are online here.

Community Cupboard is by collection, and each family has been allocated a time slot, which you must keep to as much as possible. Please bring a mask and bags to collect food with you when you come, and sanitise your hands on entry. Please also be mindful of the need to social distance from other families and team members. If you would like to visit and you’ve not been before, we ask that you come to the church at 3pm. We can then make sure you get food and enter your details into our system.

If you are in need of food, but are vulnerable or have tested positive for covid in the last fortnight, please contact Libby, our Community Chaplain, for more info at 07874 339996 or libby dot hawkness-smith at oxfordmethodists dot org dot uk. We have had to stop our hot drinks service.

All other activities that usually happen at the church are being done online. All Sorts, prayer groups, fellowship meetings and Bible Studies are through Zoom. Services are on the circuit YouTube page.

For stay-at-home activities for young people, see: You may also want to contact Little Peeps about signing up for the Dolly Parton book scheme if you haven’t already.

For circuit-wide worship materials, see here. Those who are unwell, or vulnerable, are being advised to stay at home, as are people over 70. We are conscious that some folk might feel isolated and would love to include you in our conversations and chats. Do let us know your email address or phone number if you haven’t already.

Please hold in your prayers all those for whom this is a stessful situation: schools; the NHS and other emergency services; public health professionals; all in government; those who are unwell, or vulnerable, or fearful, or who have been made recently unemployed; and all affected by the wider ramifications of the virus.

We live in changing times, so we’re expecting things may change again soon. All updates will be recorded on this page.